Our Ingredients

It’s important that our values are shared with everyone involved in the making of our products. We want to provide a large array of simple, tasty food that has been grown with care. We source ingredients from all over the world, and selecting organic producers reassures us that we can trust their quality. 

The goal of organic farming is to be sustainable and respectful of the environment. It focuses on maintaining biodiversity, quality of the soil, minimal waste and pollution. Essentially, organic farming is as good for the planet as it is for our bodies, which is why Elan is so proud to be organic!
Additionally, we are proud to offer food products that have been cultivated with non genetically modified methods, and all of our nuts are free of primate labour. With our organic certification, GMO foods are not allowed, so you can be assured that our products are free from genetically modified organisms.



Safe Quality Food (SQF)
The SQF Program is an incredibly impactful and detailed food safety certification. It ensures a more rigorous inspection process, from the producers all the way to the packaging level. Because of the rigorous documentation of all the steps of production to receive and keep the SQF certification, we have control over every step of quality assurance. It’s an extra step in providing comfort and confidence that Elan products are of the highest quality and safety.


Before the dream of Elan became a reality, we had built relationships with producers and farmers of the highest quality organic foods. It made it an easy decision to focus on being an exclusively organic brand, especially with more and more people understanding the value and importance of organic eating. The process of growing organic foods is not only more holistic for you, but it also eliminates harmful pesticides that impact the environment.


With the rise in gluten allergies and intolerances, the need for certified gluten-free options is important for so many consumers. Be it for themselves, their family or their children, we want to ensure Elan products can be included safely in people’s daily routines.


Like our other certifications, Elan wanted to offer delicious, functional foods to as many people as possible. Ensuring our products were certified kosher seemed like the natural choice to make.